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Saturday, February 21, 2004

It's been so damn long since I've posted anything on here, I forgot my username and password. Sheesh.

When I'm at work, I have all these flashes of brilliance-YEAH! I'll put that in my blog!-but the thoughts come into my brain, and fly right on out again. Like we say in the second shift microfilming department, OH WELL. Or if we're having a bad night, it's OH F$%^ING WELL!! But since this is a family blog, I'll leave the bad words out of it.

I was shuffling through some papers on my desk/breakfast nook table (mostly desk), and found 2 1/2 pages of babbling that I don't even recall where I got it from, or if I even wrote it down from my own thoughts. Actually, I think it was notes from a long-past trip to a Lyndon LaRouche convention (!!!)

Anyway, here's the contents of said pages:

We are responsible for this planet. A system of sovereign republics that provide for the common good. Well, there ya go. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Bush Administration.

Railroads help improve the systems of production( towns, farms, etc ) The government needs to develop and be responsible for institutions of infrastructure, according to the needs of the population. Money needs to be managed by the gov't <------that last statement just made my hair stand on end. YIKES!

The purpose of the government is to do good in the sense of agape. Agape? The government? We can only wish...

Life is a coin, spend it wisely. hmmmmmmmm...

Railroads are essential in the infrastructure of damn, there's no end to that sentence on the sheet of yellow legal paper

Seeing reality for what it is. George Bush is trying to create an empire from a dying country. yea-dying emotionally and spiritually.

We are in a collapse phase of a depression. After the industries shut down, we started stealing and looting from the rest of the world. Our government gives solutions without stating facts. The American populace only elects politicians so that they can hate the government even more. Makes sense to me!

This country was established to eliminate the condition of 'human cattle'

The few other words on the page truly make no sense at all, so they are not included here.

I have nothing else self-indulgent to say today! Take care, and be kind to each other!

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