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Sunday, December 11, 2005

New State Slogans for Delaware

Thanks to the person who stated these in the Sound Off column in the Delaware State News...

1. Welcome to Delaware-We're for sale. Bring lumber, concrete, wire and pipe.

2. We have land we haven't ruined yet.

3. Bring plenty of money; We approve everything.

4. We grow homes, Not corn.

5. We always say "yes".

6. Rehoboth: Indian word for Gridlock.

7. Hurry! We're not full yet.

8. Land of the invisible governor.

9. Small wonder-We haven't sunk yet, But we're trying!

My personal favorite:

10. Time to move away.

11. Chicken farms smell worse than asphalt-We need you.

12. Plant a tree, Plow the rest.

13. Dig a hole, Cover with a box.

And, my own submission: The new state name for Delaware is:


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