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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I was driving to a nearby city today for a doctor's appointment, listening to the radio during the drive. The news came on at the top of the hour, and what was the topic? George W. Bush's new campaign to re-establish a space program, with more trips to the moon, and Mars, too. Well, I about hit the roof, because I am so sick and tired of this guy forgetting about the common working person (not that he ever DID worry about them). We need the money that he'd be spending on something this country has already accomplished HERE, helping those that need it (education, unemployment insurance, health care, ad infinitum). The only way I'D ever support a new space program is if Bush himself and his buddies Cheney (the Stealth VP), Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and a few of the others would be the first astronauts for the mission, with a one-way ticket. I never thought I'd see this country coming to this.

The Holy Trinity of the U.S. elite: Technology, Money, and Entertainment. All of these things are leading us to our downfall as a nation. We need to be SIMPLIFYING, not becoming more complex. We have lost a sense of ourselves as a nation, as a country united. There are so many different ethic groups, lifestyle groups, religious groups, and they are all fighting among themselves, and in the meantime, our selected government is selling us down the river, all the while waving Old Glory in front of our faces so we can't see what's really going on.

Divide and Conquer...

Wake up, people!

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