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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Today I was driving home from a 2 day visit to my parents' house. It's a 180 mile trip one way, and my car radio doesn't work, so my brain was spitting out a few threads of reasoning here and there.

One of the better ones: Twice a year, we change our clocks either an hour back or an hour forward-but it's solely a human thang-the earth doesn't know from Daylight Savings or Standard time, and that brought me to the Bible quote about a thousand years being as a day in the eyes of the Lord, or something similar. If we humans weren't here, then time truly wouldn't matter, as there is no need of a structured time system by nature. Only by us humans is it needed. So if nature's time system is similar to a Creator's time system (providing that there is a Creator), then is nature closer to God?

I would certainly hope so, because we humans are about as far from a loving, compassionate Creator as anything could be.

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