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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Excuse me?!?
While visiting Google News, I read a short article that sent a chill down my spine. The U.S. seems to just keep heading toward a more and more repressive way of doing things. Blogs have become a whole new way of getting news of all types out, news one would not normally see on any mainstream 'news' site.

Now, this. I think bloggers SHOULD have the very same rights (and responsibilities) as professional journalists. This situation just illustrates how far we as a country have gotten from our original intentions as a place where people can live, work, worship, and express themselves as they see fit, within reason.

If all we have to refer to as 'news' are the mainstream organizations we have here now, we'll never really know what's going on, or what is truth or lies. What with the GOP paying off journalists and radio personalities to sell their high-risk schemes being the norm, where do we really stand, as a country?

I'm afraid to ask.

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