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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Peace Be to Terri Schiavo
Maybe I'm watching too much news, but all the crap that's going on in the world is really bugging me right now. Terri Schiavo is being murdered, and people with some sense are trying to help her, it seems right now to no avail. Normally, I am in agreement with those that have written living wills, preventing them from receiving extraordinary care keeping them alive, when they don't want that. Terri doesn't have that, but what her husband is having done to her is being done through something he says that Terri told him. I think he has ulterior motives, whether they be money or whatever, my opinion is that he may be trying to cover something up. Possibility of abuse, perhaps?

I just don't understand, really, all the cruelty visited upon people, by other people. Are we getting like rats that are so overcrowded that they start turning on each other? I think so, sometimes. Tonight, the news was busy covering the school massacre in Minnesota-"Death! Mayhem! Violence!. The creator of that violence, a 16 year old boy Jeff Weise,is being vilified by the media. Of course, he caused much suffering, and the needless deaths of a number of innocent people. But we, as a country, need to take a deeper look at what's behind such horrific actions. One of the news reports stated that Jeff's dad had committed suicide four years ago, and that his mother was long in a nursing home with injuries sustained in an automobile accident. I'm not being an apologist for Jeff, but my God, didn't anyone see what he was dealing with, and try to help? Obviously not. So many people suffering, especially our children, and we are still too busy chasing the almight dollar or trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs, to pay the needed attention to the young people who, in their own often misguided way, are screaming out for our help.

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