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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Giuliana Sgrena
Yet another occurence in Iraq that is blowing up in this administration's face. Who knows if it is true that Sgrena and her entourage were targeted, but enough is known about the screw-ups of the folks in charge in Washington that it does give one pause to think it may be true. As is usually true, the truth is somwhere in between the Bushies' claim of a 'tragic accident' and others' opinions that it was a targeted assassination. In either case, it was something that never should have happened.

When are we going to realize that our presence in Iraq (and other places in the world) is not wanted, or appreciated, and that the best thing our country could do right now is to back off and let other countries take care of themselves? Then maybe we here in the U.S. can concentrate on making this country better for ALL of its citizens, not just the wealthy few?

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